Il vino è una seduzione a cui abbandonarsi, un incontro da rinnovare ogni volta.


The studio was established in 2002 by Diego Marullo, from the desire to assist wine- producing companies and to give them strategic graphic and visual communication in order to achieve the best results for their image and graphic marketing. Our studio offers wine producers the creativity, imagination, passion and precision of somebody who looks at the wine world not only as a business and an entrepreneurial whole, but also as an heritage of unique culture and knowledge which must be preserved, enhanced and conveyed in the best way. Like Malodesign does, every day.


Malodesign works for national and international firms and for emerging wine companies. We firmly believe that the relationship and collaboration we establish with our customers is the main result of a direct and constant knowledge. This is an essential and an unavoidable precondition for us to do our job in the best way. Malodesign is always ready to create, and is receptive to every new trend, with a particular attention to the latest events to develop, in order to give strength to the historical identity of a brand, and deliver it to the future. Therefore, our attention is focused on the market, and we constantly work side by side with our customers, acting together to turn wine into an unmissable experience. Malodesign follows every single detail of the creative process: from the analysis of the product and its creation, to the final printing stage.




The corporate identity is the heart and the image of a Company, its true identity card. It represent the deepest form of the corporate spirit. In fact, through the brand the company and the human values of the founders of such company are identified, as well as the soul of its products and its own history. This gives origin to the vision supporting the whole company mission, which will be passed to all aides and – most of all – to the consumer. Malodesign is always working out exclusive images to convey the message of a corporate, taking into consideration all aspects: past, present and future of it, selecting a strong and unique iconography to advertise and popularise the brand and its products, both on national and foreign markets.


The label of a bottle of wine is what really marks it out among other thousands. It is what makes it stand out on the shelf, what captures the attention of the costumers and determines the purchase. It is a seduction to surrender to, a meeting to renew every time. The label, therefore, is of critical importance to win the public. Expressing on a rectangle piece of paper the flavour, the authenticity, and the character of a wine, releasing its essence and enhancing the history of those who produced it: it is a hard, major task, and – for us at Malodesign – incredibly alluring. Our job is similar to that of an artisanal workshop or a sophisticated couture house, creating taylor-made clothing for the wine, designing images which are completely unique in the world. Just like the companies and the bottles wearing it.


We team up with photographers, videomakers, writers, copywriters, and we are constantly in touch with the best print shops and companies specialised in paper transformation, glassmaking, and other businesses capable of providing innovation and trend as well as ensuring the tradition of their own expertise. All to provide our customers with absolutely exclusive quality.